Tips for Extending the Life of Appliances

Tips for Extending the Life of Appliances

Your appliances such as the laundry machine, dishwasher, water heater, and refrigerator are incredibly useful but come at great costs. Fortunately, they are meant to last up to fifteen years depending on how well you care for and maintain them. We know you want to get the most out of your appliances' service lives, so we put together this article with tips to maximize that life expectancy. If you are having any electrical issues with your appliances, then call Mr. Electric of Atlanta to consult with a representative or emergency electrician. We are happy to send an electrician to your location as soon as possible.

Read the Instruction Manual

This is an obvious tip, but it is worth stressing as many of us overlook it: read the instruction manual. At the very least, skim through it or read the best care practices and maintenance items. For instance, how much should you load the laundry machine? What type of detergent should you use for the dishwasher? How often should you change filters? All of these can be found in the user manual. If you bought your appliance second-hand or did not receive an instruction manual, then call the manufacturer to request one or check their website for one.

Handle Repairs with Urgency

You know how the appliance works or worked when it was new. Be mindful of any noises that come up or the quality of the service. If you notice something goes wrong, then act quickly. The sooner you handle repairs, the better. Delaying repairs can cause issues to spiral into big problems, costing you in reduced energy-efficiency, wasted water, property damage, and so forth. Routine service can even prevent issues to begin with. These are valuable investments to save you from headache later on.

Install Surge Protection

Modern appliances have many digital features that depend on electricity. They have complex motherboards, but these are as much of a liability as they are an asset. Damage to this component can render the whole appliance useless. This brings us to power surges. A sudden spike in electrical energy can fry the motherboard, and it does not take lightning to cause such a surge. Even the other appliances in the circuit can cause a power surge.

Fortunately, there is a solution. A whole-house surge protection installation can safeguard your appliances from such surges in electrical power. There are even local surge protectors for specific appliances.

Have Your Electrical System Routinely Inspected

Surge protectors are great, but poor electrical wiring can damage even the surge protectors. Have your electrical system routinely inspected, especially if you live in an older home. Damaged wiring is not only risky for your appliances. It can cause electrocutions and electrical fires as well.

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