Tips on Choosing Outdoor Lighting

Tips on Choosing Outdoor Lighting

Having the right amount of illumination will increase the curb appeal and safety of your building so you could extend the time spent outdoors in the summer. Your outdoor lightings showcase your class and make the entire building unique.

However, it's not easy to enhance the exterior of your home with outdoor lighting because you need to discover the secret of using different lighting fixtures in diverse ways and locations around your compound. This includes a mixture of energy saving fluorescent, chandeliers, floodlights and outdoor emergency lights.

Choosing outdoor lighting that could create the desired first impression on guest and passers-by can also be costly when you allow a service provider that is not passionate to handle the project. At Mr. Electric of Atlanta, we have creative and experienced electricians who can create stunning looks with outdoor lightings. Apart from enhancing the beauty of your home, Mr. Electric of Atlanta's electricians ensures safety in every project we undertake. The wiring will be correctly done and insulated to avoid during winter and rainy seasons.

Nevertheless, we've put down five tips on choosing outdoor lighting in this article.

First tip

Planning and prep.

The main purpose of installing outdoor lighting for both residential and commercial properties is to enhance the aesthetics and security of the property. Therefore, as a homeowner, the first thing is to walk around the property at night with a piece of paper to write down your observation and to see the locations and hidden corners that should be illuminated. Doing this will help you plan effectively and achieve your aim.

But, if you do not have the time, you can call electricians from Mr. Electric of Atlanta, and we will come to your location at night to do the evaluation, take photographs and forward the report and recommendations to your email the next day.

Second tip

Determine your budget and the type you desire

Your planning should include an average amount of money you'll be comfortable spending for the project and research on the different types of outdoor lighting in the market. There are many to choose from - LED, low-volt, fluorescent, incandescent, spotlights, walkway lighting et cetera.

Combining outdoor lights will make your yard look exceptional and it's not costly as most people may think. All it takes is to work with a company with unique outdoor lighting design skills and Mr. Electric of Atlanta has no rival when it comes to creativity in outdoor lighting projects.

Third tip

Cost of energy consumption

The economic aspect of your outdoor lighting should be an essential consideration because using high energy bulbs could significantly increase your monthly bills. Energy consumption and longevity are critical factors, but we have some recommendations that will fit your energy needs.

Forth tip

Aesthetic look of your yard

Landscape lighting can beautify your yard, and it is one of the reasons for embarking on such projects. You will love to install outdoor lighting that could give that soft glow and make the exterior of your building very attractive. You could spend some time outdoors during summer and have unforgettable moments with loved ones.

Beautifying your landscape shouldn't be that costly, and we will give you the information and strategy when you call.

Last tip


Illuminating your walkways, entryways, and stairs could prevent domestic accident and scare away intruders. When you lit-up the exterior of your home, people can comfortably navigate at night, and it will also increase the value of the property.

Mr. Electric of Atlanta is a licensed and insured electrical service company with years of experience in landscape lighting and beautification. Let's help you transform the outdoors, call us now.

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