Tips on Energy Savings

Tips on Energy Savings

As the summer sunshine becomes extreme, electric bills also rise to outrageous levels. Are you looking for more ways to cut costs? At Mr. Electric of Atlanta, we take pride in helping our local home and business owners find new ways to save money and improve their electrical system. There's no reason to despair as the dog days of summer approach, instead, prepare ahead of time with these great tips.

Compromise on Temperature Settings

The heat might make it tempting to push your thermostat to the limits. However, lowering your settings by just 10 or 15 degrees can make a huge difference when your bill arrives. Instead of turning the temperature down to 65, try keeping it somewhere between 75 and 80. You can save even more by installing a smart thermostat, which will make your settings automatic and can offer incredible insights and control features that will maximize your savings over time.

Turn Off the Lights

Your home's lighting system is responsible for up to ten percent of your total electric bill. So, simply turning the lights off when you leave the room can significantly reduce your annual costs. If you're still using energy hungry, old fashioned light bulbs, then it's probably time to make the switch to LED. Today's LED bulbs come in a variety of styles, are much more energy efficient and are very affordable.

Switch the Power Off

Electronics that stay on after use, such as video game consoles, televisions and computers can cost family's a $100 or more every year. Make sure you're shutting down these devices when you're finished with them, rather than leaving them on 24/7. Also, you can help keep vampire power consumption to an absolute minimum by plugging all your appliances and devices into a point of use surge protector. This will allow you to turn off all electricity to your most used devices at the flip of a switch. You may also want to take things a step further by installing smart outlets.

Protect Yourself from Surges

While protecting your home from surges won't necessarily impact your monthly overhead expenses, it will keep you from replacing expensive electronics. Power surges can significantly damage appliances, computers, power tools and equipment. Replacing these items prematurely can cost a small fortune. Save money by investing in whole home surge protection installation from a licensed electrician near you.

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