Tools for Residential Work You Can’t Live Without

Tools for Residential Work You Can’t Live Without

Are you new to the electrical business or you probably need some essential tools to handle minor electrical works at home? There are certain tools you just can't ignore. Mr. Electric of Atlanta helps simplify electrical repairs, installation, and replacement, to restore your electrical systems to 100% efficiency and reliability. The following electrical tools are necessary for residential electrical works;

The Voltage tester

This is one of the most essential electrical instruments you need and you should go for the non-contact voltage meter because it can detect both standard and low voltages.

The Drywall saw

If you need to run some new wires or update existing wiring system inside the wall, then you need this tool to create some clean cuts.

Wire strippers

In order to create solid contacts between wires, you need to remove the insulations on their ends. Make sure you go for wire strippers that will remain comfortable to hold because you will use these tools frequently. You can opt for the ones with more options such as self-adjustment that can vary the wire gauges.

Wire cutters

Some wire strippers come with wire cutters, but if yours don't have these wire cutters, then you need to buy the wire cutters separately. You need wire cutters to adjust the length of wires, and to snip off pieces of damaged wires. Make sure your wire cutters have insulated handles to protect you from electrical shocks.

The Insulated screwdrivers

You need different sizes of slotted, square, and recessed head screwdrivers inside your toolbox and make sure these screwdrivers have insulated heads.

The needle-nose pliers

Make sure you choose needle-nose pliers with insulated heads. Nose pliers can perform many minor jobs than usual pliers may not handle.

A headlamp

You need a headlamp, especially when you work in dark or poorly-lit places. A headlamp will help you direct the light exactly where you want it to be. Headlamps are particularly good when you are handling electrical works in the basement, yard, garage, or under the sink.

The electrical tape

The electrical tape remains a standard item for all electricians. Electrical tapes are used in insulating wires. The tape has sufficient elasticity that can be very sensitive to pressure and temperature, but it is very durable when it is applied as an insulator.

As you continue to handle different electrical jobs, you will discover even more electrical tools you will need to work on any electrical system. These main items are very important to keep in your toolbox. If you are unsure about how to make the right choices when it comes to choosing electrical tools, then you can contact Mr. Electric of Atlanta. In addition to helping electricians make the right choices, Mr. Electric of Atlanta handles all kinds of small and complex electrical repairs, installation and replacements, and we handle the jobs professionally through our certified, insured and bonded electricians.

We do offer 24/7 emergency electrical repair and installation services, and you can request for our services by calling us or sending us an email.

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