What a Smart Switch Can Do for You

What a Smart Switch Can Do for You

We are well into the 21st century and technology continues to get smarter and smarter. From smartphones to smart homes, developments in tech make life much more convenient. If you are upgrading your home with a diverse range of smart devices, then don't forget the basics: outlets and switches. Sure, a coffee maker that starts at 7AM on the dot is great but consider the benefits a smart light switch. If you are already convinced on the benefits of a smart switch or smart electrical outlet installation and are looking for an electrician to get the job done, then call Mr. Electric of Atlanta to schedule a flexible appointment. We might even be able to get a licensed electrician to your location in as soon as within the hour today!

Save Energy

Even the most mindful homeowner will forget to turn off the lights before bed sometimes. It is easy to notice the lights are on at night but catching the porch lights during the daytime is a feat in itself. A single bulb running through the whole day can waste a couple of kilowatts of energy. Multiply that by several days a month and you have yourself an unusually high electricity bill.

Smart switches allow you to monitor lights and turn off unused lights remotely. Most smart switches even offer the ability to set a schedule. Maybe you want the porch light on until 5 AM - just to keep the property safe. Perhaps you are on vacation and want it to seem like the home is occupied. Just set the schedule and enjoy your peace of mind.

Stay Safe

Walking through the dark to find the light switch is not necessarily dangerous, but it does have some light risks. Wouldn't it be great to know you never have to worry about stepping on a LEGO or tripping on a step in the dark? Smart switches save you from this concern.

In addition to the ability to remotely turn lights on and off, some smart switches come with a feature known as "geofencing." A geofence is a perimeter you can set up around your home. When your smart phone's GPS system detects that you have crossed this perimeter, it can activate certain procedures. For instance, you can program your smart home system to turn the lights off when you leave for work and turn back on when you get to the door. This can also allow you to control the HVAC system and other devices and appliances.

Leave the Installation to A Certified Electrician

You want a smart switch or smart electrical outlet installation because you desire convenience. The last thing you want is to deal with a ton of electrical issues because of a DIY mess. Leave the installation to a certified electrician and enjoy a peace of mind. The electricians at Mr. Electric of Atlanta are experienced, trained, and equipped to get the job done right the first time around. Call Mr. Electric of Atlanta to consult with a representative, get a free price estimate upfront, and schedule a flexible appointment.

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