What Should You Do While Waiting for the Electrician to Arrive?

What Should You Do While Waiting for the Electrician to Arrive?

Electricity is a volatile element and electrical disasters can strike without warning. Emergencies can happen at any time. This can entail anything from a faulty circuit breaker to smoking electrical wires. Fortunately, Mr. Electric of Atlanta has you covered with emergency electrical repairs. Though calling for assistance is as easy as calling Mr. Electric of Atlanta, it is important to know what to do while waiting for the qualified electrician to arrive. After you have called Mr. Electric of Atlanta, here are some things to do before the electrician arrives.

Put Safety First

Electrocution and electrical fires are completely possible realities when it comes to electrical problems. To protect your family and pets from injuries, it is advised that you keep them in a dry location away from the affected areas. They should be far from exposed outlets and switches. If you suspect an electrical fire might start, then remove your family and pets from the house altogether.

Next, remove any flammable material away from the vicinity to avoid anything catching fire. You should also remove any liquids from the area as electricity and water do not mix well.

Turn Off the Power and Unplug Appliances

Head over to the electrical panel. If it is making unusual and loud noises or if it is smoking, then stay away from the unit and head outside as you wait for the electrician to arrive. Otherwise, turn off the electricity by flipping the switches to the OFF position. Next, unplug electrical devices and appliances. Do not just power them off - unplug them. Even if they are powered off, they can still draw a little bit of power.

Do Not Touch Exposed Wires or Hot Components

It might be tempting to investigate the situation, but you should never touch exposed wires or electrical components that seem hot. These wires can be carrying extremely high voltage, capable of causing an electrocution or even a fatality. Leave this work to the qualified electrician who will have the appropriate protective gear to handle it.

Remove Obstacles for the Electrician

You want the electrician to come in and get the job done as quickly as possible. This is especially the case during emergency situations. Emergencies are time-sensitive and should be handled as soon as possible. It will save a lot of time if you remove any furniture or appliances that might get in the way of emergency repairs. It is also a good idea to make sure the affected areas are dry, and that children and pets are kept in a separate place from the electrician to minimize distractions.

Keep Calm

Though electrical emergencies are of utmost seriousness, it is important to stay calm. Unnecessary panic can lead you to act irrationally and forget important things. After all, you are going to get the assistance of a trustworthy electrician when you choose Mr. Electric of Atlanta. We hope this article has helped put you at ease and we look forward to having your electrical system back to normal as soon as possible.

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