What to do After Tripping a Circuit Breaker 

What to do After Tripping a Circuit Breaker 

Tripping a circuit breaker can be an irritating incident. Most likely, when situations like this occur, someone in the home is attempting to use a tool or device for an important task. Whether you're running the hair dryer while getting for work in the morning, or testing out your new air fryer in the kitchen, no one wants to deal with losing electricity. However, these situations are such a common occurrence, it's important for people to know how to handle the problem if it happens to them. At Mr. Electric, our team of reliable electricians provide professional residential and commercial electrical services in Atlanta, Dunwoody, Roswell, Marietta, Sandy Springs and other surrounding metro area cities. We enjoy helping our clients get the most out of their electrical systems, and we want you to do the same. The next time you run into trouble with your circuit breaker, follow these steps to get your power back under control quickly and safely.

Understanding the Role of Circuit Breakers in Your Electrical System

Your circuit breaker works as a kind of electrical switch, which controls the flow of electricity through your wires and outlets. They are put in place for safety reasons, so that the electrical current is automatically interrupted from reaching the circuit if too much power is being used. This safety feature is designed to avoid a short circuit or power surge, which could cause personal injury via fire or electrocution, or damage your electrical system and multiple expensive appliances.

Locating Your Electrical Panel

The majority of your circuit breakers should be located in your electrical panel box. They are often found in less frequented areas of the home such as a basement, garage or closet. After you've found the box, open the front door and search for rows of switches.

How to Reset Your Tripped Circuit Breaker

After you've found the breaker switches, the first step is to identify which switch matches the area of your home that was affected. Each switch should be accurately labeled. The switch to the tripped circuit should be turned to the OFF position, while the other functioning circuits are switched ON. In many modern breaker box units, there is an indicator light, so you can quickly find the correct switch. Flip the circuit breaker switch back to the ON position, and your power should be automatically restored.

Avoiding Future Issues

In most instances, occasional a tripped circuit breaker is caused by an outlet that is taking too much energy from the system at one time. You may be using a particular power tool, appliance or machine that requires a heavy amount of electricity. Your current circuit may not be prepared to handle this specific device and you may need a dedicated circuit. In other cases, people can overload a circuit by using a plug bar with too many devices in use at one time. In most cases, it's best that you space out the power load of circuits evenly to avoid this issue in the future.

Know When to Call a Licensed Professional

If you switch the breaker and your electricity isn't restored, or if you experience signs of an electrical fire or power surge, it's important to get help right away. Also, if you find yourself running to the panel box frequently, there is likely a problem with your electrical system that needs to be addressed quickly to avoid any further issues that can injure loved ones or damage property. A qualified licensed electrician will be able to pinpoint the issue and provide the perfect solution to get you back on track quickly and safely.

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