Why Do My Light Bulbs Keep Burning Out?

Why Do My Light Bulbs Keep Burning Out?

Are you tired of being left in the dark because of frequent burnt out light bulbs? Rather than rushing out to the hardware store for a fast solution, it's better to fix the source of the problem so you can enjoy the benefits of your indoor lighting system long term. At Mr. Electric of Atlanta, we proudly provide quality residential and commercial electrical services for clients in Atlanta, Georgia and surrounding metro area neighborhoods. Troubleshooting light bulb issues can be challenging. Here are some helpful hints that can make the process less stressful.

High Voltage

Most homes have 120-volt outlets for their normal electrical devices, and a handful of 220-volt outlets for large appliances or equipment. If a lamp or light fixture is provided with too much voltage, it can cause the bulb to burn more brightly and therefore wear out faster. Check your outlets to make sure your light fixture is plugged into the appropriate outlet.

Incorrect Installation

When light bulbs aren't properly connected, it may receive intermittent voltage. The result is often flickering bulbs. In some circumstances, a bulb may be screwed into place too tightly, which can damage the tab at the bottom of the socket. If your lamp or light fixture has a loose socket tab, it may need have been incorrectly soldered during manufacturing. You will need to either repair the tab or replace the unit.


Older recessed lighting designs are notorious for overheating due to contact with insulation inside the ceiling. While newer models have been engineered to withstand these conditions, homeowners with previous versions may need to upgrade to IC-rated units. Bulbs can also overheat when a 60-watt bulb is being used in a fixture designed for a 120-watt light bulb.

Dimmer Switch Compatibility

Outdated dimmer switches were made to be used with incandescent bulbs. LED or CFL bulbs might become damaged overtime, and in some instances aren't compatible at all. Make sure you are using the correct bulbs for your older dimmer switch or replace it with a modern alternative.

Wiring Issues

Sometimes the problem has nothing to do with the bulb or fixture. There is a chance that your trouble is instead caused by wiring issues inside your electrical system. Such a problem could have been caused by a simple mistake made when installing the fixture, in which case the issue can be resolved very easily. However, it could be an indication of pest damage or deterioration due to age. If this is the case, the rest of your home may be at risk as well. Our electricians in Atlanta can inspect, diagnose and repair your wiring issue, so you can safely use your light fixtures, appliances and electronics without compromising your safety or convenience.

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