Why Does My Smoke Detector Chirp?

Why Does My Smoke Detector Chirp?

Is your smoke detector making an annoying chirping sound? While this is a frustrating issue, it is very common. The sound is designed to agitate homeowners because when this sound is made, it is a sign that your battery is going bad. Ignoring a dead battery in your smoke detector could put you and your loved ones at risk, so it's critical that you take action once you hear the chirping noises. The team at Mr. Electric of Atlanta enjoys helping local property owners find ways to improve the safety of their electrical systems. Our electricians offer a wide selection of commercial and residential services such as smoke detector repair, replacements, and new installations in Atlanta, Georgia, and nearby metro area neighborhoods. Are you wondering what to do about your noisy smoke alarm? Here are some pro tips that can help you fix the problem and ensure that your home is protected.

Why Is Your Smoke Alarm Chirping?

Alarms are made to chirp when the battery isn't working correctly. This usually indicates that it's time to replace an older battery. However, many homeowners might be confused by the chirping, especially if they just replaced the batteries, or if their alarm is hardwired. So, keep in mind that a smoke alarm might also chirp if the battery pull tab wasn't properly removed, if the battery drawer hasn't been closed or if the battery was incorrectly installed.

How to Make It Stop for Battery Operated Smoke Alarms

If you have a battery operated alarm system, then the fix is usually as simple as switching out the battery. Make sure that you install the battery correctly, and that the drawer is fully closed. Otherwise, it could continue chirping and drive you and your loved ones insane. Be sure to test afterwards, because it is very important that your alarm will function optimally in an emergency.

What to Do to Fix Chirping on Hardwired Smoke Alarms

Those with hardwired smoke alarms might be the most disturbed by chirping noises. After all, why would the alarm make low battery noises if it runs on the electrical wiring of your home? Well, most hardwired systems will include backup batteries. This is meant to protect your property if the electrical system is compromised during an outage or severe weather. For this reason, it is critical that the battery is replaced when needed, so you don't end up with an undetected house fire during a lightning storm, tornado or natural disaster. The battery should last much longer than battery-operated systems, because it won't be relying on it for power very often. This means you'll still need to test your batteries throughout the year to make sure it is still working.

Do You Need a Smoke Detector Repair? Call Our Electricians for Help

Is your smoke alarm failing to perform its job? If you have replaced the battery, but it is still acting strangely, then there could be another problem. The electricians at Mr. Electric of Atlanta are ready to come to the rescue. Contact our office for more details about our services or to schedule an appointment for your next smoke detector repair or replacement in Atlanta, Georgia, or another local community.

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