Why Pest Control is Important for Maintaining Your Electrical System

Why Pest Control is Important for Maintaining Your Electrical System

Most homeowners don't like to think about the critters and creepy crawlers that might be hiding behind their walls and below their floorboards. Unfortunately, pest control is an essential component of electrical maintenance for both home and business owners. At Mr. Electric of Atlanta, we enjoy providing high quality residential and commercial electrical services for local clients. Over the years, we've seen our fair share of pest induced electrical issues. Want to learn more? Here is some more information about the bad effects of pests and what you can do to fix the problem.

What Kind of Electrical Trouble Can Pests Cause?

Mice, rats, possums and other tiny rodents have a bad habit of chewing through wires. This can leave homeowners severely at risk of electrical fires, personal injury and property damage. In addition, insects are also attracted to outlets and wiring because of the small dark spaces which give off warmth. While one or two ants or roaches won't ruin your electrical system, many insects will give off pheromones when they're electrocuted. This inevitably will bring their friends as well, and eventually, an entire colony could develop. Over time, they can deteriorate the coating of your wiring sheaths, and may leave droppings and carcasses. Having your wiring exposed to this environment for long could cause early corrosion to circuits and electrical contacts, increasing the possibility of short circuits, fires or damaged electronics and appliances.

The Importance of Quality Pest Control

For the reasons mentioned above, it's a good idea to schedule regular appointments with a qualified local pest control specialist. They will ensure that your home remains as pest free as possible, so you can keep your electrical system safe and healthy well into the future.

What to Do If You Suspect Pest Damage Already?

Have you recently learned about an unknown pest control issue, and you're concerned about the damage they may have already caused? Then it's important to contact a licensed electrician who can perform a thorough inspection. Ignoring this aspect of your pest problem could lead to disastrous consequences. Taking the proactive approach will give you peace of mind, and will help you avoid unnecessary stress and expenses down the road. A well trained electrician will be able to pinpoint any areas where pests may have damaged your wiring, circuits or other electrical components, and accurately remedy the situation.

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