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Hidden Wall Outlet Safe

Are you worried about the rising crime rates in your neighborhood? Then you may be looking for ways to secure your valuables to prevent theft during a home burglary. While traditional safes can offer protection, it is also a target for home...
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What Is IC Rating for Lighting?

Lighting for commercial or residential applications is critical for providing comfortable and efficient interiors. Lighting controls, ambient light levels, and functionality all play essential roles in creating spaces that have the correct...
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Electrical Wire Color Codes

Most homes today use a standard electrical system, but they're still homes that use an older one. Each method has unique wire configurations, and it's essential to know how to identify these wires if you are working with wiring in your home....
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Answers to Your Ceiling Fan Questions

Have you noticed that your ceiling fan isn't working like it used to? Maybe it's making strange sounds, or it's rotation has become wobbly. If so, then you might be concerned about whether you should invest in a ceiling fan replacement or repair....
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What Size Generator Do I Need? 

Sizing a generator for your home is the first and most important decision regarding generators. To size a generator, you will need to know a few things about your appliances, including their peak wattage and how long they run on average. This is...
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Outdoor Lighting Tips in 2022

Have you been looking for ways to spruce up your outdoor entertainment area without spending a fortune on landscaping or luxury furniture? Quality lighting is a simple, affordable, and practical way to take your outdoor space to the next level....
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Extension Cord Storage

Taming the tangle of extension cords is a problem almost everyone has experienced, whether you are a business professional, do-it-yourself homeowner, or just someone who hates tangling up cords. There are many ways to store an extension cord,...
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4 Electric Projects that Raise Your Home's Value

When remodeling your home, the trick is to find a balance between inside and outside. Finding that perfect balance depends on what you are looking for in your home. Are you remodeling to get more square feet? More bedrooms? Or are you looking for...
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How to Choose an Outdoor Ceiling Fan

Do you have an enclosed patio or backyard porch that feels too hot to enjoy during the summer? Consider installing an outdoor fan for a breeze that will keep your outdoor space comfortable when the temperature rises. The specialists at Mr....
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Lightbulb Wars LED vs. Fluorescent

You can't go wrong with either an LED lightbulb or a CFL lightbulb, provided that your existing light fixtures are compatible with whichever bulb you choose. If not, however, you might have to make some changes to your light fixtures before...
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Picking the Right Under Cabinet Lighting for Your Home

Does your kitchen feel dark and dreary? Liven up the atmosphere with a simple lighting upgrade. Under cabinet lighting installation can help to instantly upgrade the look of your kitchen while providing practical convenience. The team at Mr....
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