Electrical Panel Replacement in Dunwoody

Electrical Panel Replacement in Dunwoody

Electrical Panel Replacement in Dunwoody

To use the electrical appliances in your home without experiencing issues, you need a functional and appropriately sized electrical panel. Older or outdated panels were not designed to support the modern appliances of our day. Whatever your electrical needs are - new installation for a home addition, rewiring for a kitchen remodel, installation of a heated floor or electrical installation upgrade; you can get professional help from Mr. Electric in Dunwoody. We offer the following:

  • Electrical panel installation
  • Circuit breaker repair
  • Fuse box upgrade
  • Electrical panel replacement
  • Electrical panel inspection

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Why Replace Your Panel?<br>

Why Replace Your Panel?

  • Safety- Damaged or obsolete electrical panels are prone to causing fire outbreaks in homes and office locations. The best long-term solution to keeping your home safe is a replacement.
  • Your breaker will have the capacity of adding additional circuits- Electrical panel replacement or upgrades allow for future additional loads without worries. You will be free to add additional circuits when you get heavy-duty equipment and appliances. With more amperage and more circuits due to the upgrade, your home will be safer, and every activity will flourish without hindrances.
  • The resell value of your home will be increased- If you're looking for a quick boost in your homes resell value, then, electrical panel replacement or fuse box upgrade are proven ways to achieve that. Potential buyers will have more interest in the property when they know that the electrical wiring and panels are up to date and safe. It will also help in boosting the price of your home.

Fuse Box Upgrades

We will send licensed and certified electricians to your location to help you with fuse box upgrade, circuit breaker repair, or Dunwoody electrical panel installation. You will be glad to install new electrical panels in your home or office location because they are designed with higher safety standards, and they are more convenient to use.

With our fuse box upgrade service, you will get sensitive circuitry that will respond quickly to eliminate the risk of danger. Depending on your specific need, if you give us a call, we will satisfactorily deliver electrical panel replacement in addition to installing Arc-fault or Ground-Fault Circuit Breakers for your safety and convenience.

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