Electrical Panel Replacement in Stockbridge

Electrical Panel Replacement in Stockbridge

Electrical Panel Replacement in Stockbridge

Electricity is a volatile and extremely dangerous element. It is for this reason that the electricity directed to your building is divided into circuits. These circuits are connected to your electrical panel installation, also called the circuit breaker, which manages the circuits. Any problem with your circuit breaker installation can expose you to injury and your property to damage.

Call Mr. Electric whenever you notice problems with your electrical panel so that we take handle any necessary electrical panel repair as soon as possible. Our certified electricians can also assess your system to determine whether an electrical panel replacement is more feasible and sensible.

When Is It Time to Replace the Electrical Panel? 

Generally, you should upgrade your electrical panel installation if it is under 100 amps. You might also need an electrical panel replacement if you have brought in new, and heavy, appliances, especially if there are multiple on the same circuit.

What About My Fuse Box?

Fuses boxes are the older form of the electrical panel. Both serve the same function of dividing and managing electrical circuits, but they use different mechanisms. An electrical panel uses circuit breakers that "trip" and can be switched back into place, but a fuse box uses fuses that "blow out" when they experience high usage. Fuses boxes are therefore more expensive in the long-term as the fuses must be replaced when they are blown out. We recommend a fuse box upgrade to an electrical panel if you want to save money in the short term and long term.

We Are Ready to Help

If you have been searching the web for "electrical panel replacement near me," then you are at the right place. The professionals at Mr. Electric are your trusted electrical panel installers in Stockbridge with 24-hour emergency services available.

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What Does the Electrical Panel Do? 

An electrical panel installation is designed to divide the electrical supply into separate circuits with corresponding circuit breakers for each circuit. These circuit breakers "trip" or "break" the circuit whenever there is an overload of electricity with the goal of preventing damage to electrical wires and your property as a whole. In essence, your electrical panel installation in Hurst is responsible for managing the total electrical supply that comes to your house or business. The amperage of your electrical panel can also be found on the main circuit breaker. This amperage is generally no lower than 100 amps and can be as high as 400 amps. The electrical panel's amperage is important when determining whether it is time for an electrical panel replacement.

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