Benefits of Having a Home EV Charger

Benefits of Having a Home EV Charger

Charging an EV can be a hassle. There are only a few charging stations, and some are in weird places. But imagine how much easier life would be if you could plug your car into your garage wall at night and wake up to a full charge every morning? Let our experts at Mr. Electric give you a hand! Our team will help guide you through the process of a EV charging station installation in your home that works with your lifestyle and satisfies your energy needs.


Having a home EV charger is convenient. You can charge your vehicle at home overnight or during the day while at work. You do not have to go to a public charging station to charge your car if you access a home EV charger. Simply plugging in at home means no waiting at a public charging station while your battery recharges. You can plugin when you get home after work, forget about it until morning, and then do it again tomorrow night!

Control Over The Charging Process

The ability to plug in your car at any time, day or night, and have it ready to go when you need it.

Cost Savings

Home EV chargers are cheaper than public charging stations, but they also save you money in other ways. For example, if you have solar panels on your roof or live near a wind turbine, you can use these energy sources to charge your car for free. If you charge more slowly overnight instead of during peak hours in the daytime, it won't cost much at all during non-peak hours — or nothing at all if your utility offers free nighttime charging.

Longer Battery Life

The ability to charge at a slower rate extends the life of your battery. Charging at home overnight can help extend the life of your batteries by up to 20%.

Increases Home's Value

An EV charger is an attractive feature for many potential buyers of new homes, and Millennials want an EV charger installed in their next home purchase.

Lowering Emissions

There are zero tailpipe emissions for every mile driven by an EV powered by electricity generated from renewable sources!


When you use public charging stations, there is always an element of risk involved because other people may attempt to steal from or damage your car as it is charging. When you use home EV chargers, this risk is eliminated because only you have access to them, and no one else can touch them without permission from you or someone else who lives in the house with you.

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