Electric Fireplace Heater Safety Tips

Electric Fireplace Heater Safety Tips

An electric fireplace can be a cheaper alternative to the wood-burning fireplace, for the home. With an electric fireplace, there is no need to crank up your furnace and they save more on energy bills. For little investment, the electric fireplace will provide a cozy home for you. Please contact Mr. Electric of Atlanta if you need a new electric fireplace installed in your home, we do install the right type that is durable and comes with more safety features.

What Exactly is an Electric Fireplace?

An electric fireplace also referred to as an electric fire heater simply resembles a fireplace with some realistic flame-looking design but more aesthetically appealing. The electric fireplace is sturdier than the average heater, they do have some precautionary procedures for proper operation. The typical electrical fireplace operates by drawing in cooler air from the space by heating air through its internal heating coils and then forces warm air out without the use of a fan system.

Basic Safety Tips for Electric Fireplace

Make sure you keep other objects such as electronics, blankets, toys, and furniture, at safe distance away from the electric fireplace for safety reasons. You should also avoid touching the surface of the electric fireplace because it can get extremely hot when powered. It is also important that you don't leave kids and pets alone when the electric fireplace is on. The reason being that accidents can happen when kids and pets are left unattended to.

Other Safety Tips You Should Consider for the Usage of Electric Fireplace

It is recommended that you should avoid using the fireplace outdoors. These appliances are designed to be used indoors only. You need to ensure that your electrical outlets are safe. Never plug an electric fireplace into an unsafe outlet, and you should avoid using a frayed or damaged plug. If you are unsure about the safety of your electrical outlet, please contact a professional electrician.

It is also important that you unplug electrical outlets when your electrical fireplace is not in use. You should conduct an electrical safety inspection on the outlets with the help of an electrician. As a precautionary method, you must not consider modifying your electrical fireplace because of the dangers it can create. Make sure you consult the manufacturer manual whenever there is a problem, and get a certified electrician when a problem occurs in the appliance.

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Are you unsure of the safety of the electric fireplace in your home, or do you want to install a new electrical fireplace? Please contact us and we will conduct a professional inspection. We do have certified electricians who are conversant with all aspects of electrical fireplace repair, installation, and inspection services and we offer great services at competitive prices. Electrical fireplaces are sensitive appliances you must handle with the utmost care, this is the reason why you should have a standby certified electrician for help. Please contact us at Mr. Electric of Atlanta today and we will be happy to assist you with your fireplace needs.

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