Energy Saving Devices Installation in Atlanta

Energy Saving Devices Installation in Atlanta

According to the latest report from the US Energy Information Administration, the average current rate per kWh is 13.2 cents, up almost 4% from previous years. An increase in the costs of fuel sources and the availability of alternative energy choices are raising the price of electricity for homeowners and businesses. This can put a significant burden on those who haven’t yet updated their property with energy saving appliances and devices. Cut your monthly utility costs and put more money in your pocket with help from the certified local electricians at Mr. Electric. Our team proudly provide a variety of services including energy saving device installation for residents of Atlanta, Sandy Springs, Marietta, Roswell and other nearby communities. Are you trying to find legitimate ways to reduce your environmental impact and increase your monthly expendable income? Here are a few cost-effective installations that will give you the highest return on your investment.

LED Indoor and Outdoor Lighting

LED lights last roughly 5 times longer than traditional bulbs, and are more environmentally friendly than CFLs. In fact, installing LED lights can save you up to $5 per bulb in annual utility bills. The combination of low cost, longevity and significant energy savings, bulb replacements are an excellent way to get big returns long term. The licensed and insured electricians at Mr. Electric are experienced in installing, repairing and replacing both indoor and outdoor lighting.

Energy Efficient Thermostats

Smart thermostats can be installed to increase energy savings in thermostat controlled appliances. Water heaters and central air and heat are the most commonly used appliances where homeowners can see the best overall cost reduction. Temperature controls can cut down on waste by reducing power when not in use. Most units can also be manually set to a specific, customized schedule so that homeowners can get the maximum amount of benefit. 

Smart Lighting and Appliance Control

For those who want to go super high tech, a smart lighting and appliance system control panel may be the perfect solution. The future has finally arrived, and the technological fantasies of your childhood are finally within reach. These devices can control your entire home by connecting via wifi to lighting, TV’s, major household appliances and even Alexa, which allows voice command capabilities. Recent advancements in technology have brought the prices of these appliances down and made them affordable to households across America. From your garage door to the jacuzzi on the patio, you can have complete control over everything in your home. Not only do these smart switches save money by automatically turning off electronics when not in use, it can also make your home much more comfortable and convenient. 

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