How to Choose an Outdoor Ceiling Fan

How to Choose an Outdoor Ceiling Fan

Do you have an enclosed patio or backyard porch that feels too hot to enjoy during the summer? Consider installing an outdoor fan for a breeze that will keep your outdoor space comfortable when the temperature rises. The specialists at Mr. Electric of Atlanta can help make it happen. Our dependable electricians provide a wide selection of commercial and residential services, including ceiling fan replacement and outdoor ceiling fan installation in Atlanta, Georgia, and surrounding metro area neighborhoods. If you want a fan for your favorite outdoor entertainment area, read below for some helpful advice on selecting the right one for your needs.

Can I Install an Indoor Fan Outside?

Indoor fans are designed to circulate air in a room that's already cooled by air conditioning. They're not meant to move much air, and they're not built to withstand the elements. That means if you put an indoor fan outside, it won't work as effectively, and it could be damaged by rain, snow, or dust. It's important to look for outdoor fans designed for the job. These fans are more powerful and can handle being outdoors without being damaged. So if you're looking for an outdoor fan, make sure to get one that's rated for outdoor use.

What Is the Best Size for Outdoor Patio Fans?

There is no definitive answer regarding the best size for an outdoor patio fan. However, there are a few factors to consider that can help you choose the right fan for your needs. The first thing to think about is the size of your patio. A larger fan will be more effective at cooling a larger space. You'll also need to think about the amount of airflow you need. If you live in a hot climate, you may need a fan with more power and larger blades to keep your patio comfortable. Most homeowners will also factor in the aesthetics of the fan. You want a fan size that will complement your patio furniture and look good in your space. Here is a list of recommended blade sweeps to accommodate various patio areas:

  • Below 75 square feet - 29 to 36-inch blade sweep
  • Between 75 and 144 square feet - 36 to 42-inch blade sweep
  • Between 144 and 225 square feet - 44-inch blade sweep
  • Between 225 and 400 square feet - 50 to 54-inch blade sweep

Benefits of Hiring Electricians for Your Outdoor Ceiling Fan Installation

Once you've picked the right style and size for your fan, the most important step is to call an electrician. Installing an outdoor fan requires experience and training due to the involvement of electrical wiring. Mistakes made during such a complex installation could result in electrical hazards and fires, so it's critical to hire a professional for your ceiling fan installation service to ensure the safety and longevity of your new investment.

Do You Need a Ceiling Fan Replacement or Outdoor Fan Installation?

Are you ready to install an outdoor fan on your patio or covered deck? Do you need to replace an existing fan indoors or outdoors? Then call the professionals at Mr. Electric of Atlanta today. Our experienced electricians are ready to ensure your next home improvement project goes safely and smoothly. Contact our team for more details. You can also schedule a convenient appointment for your next ceiling fan replacement, repair, or new installation in Atlanta, GA, or another surrounding location.

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