How to Get Rid of Static Electricity

How to Get Rid of Static Electricity

Have you ever touched a metal or shake someone and got a surprise electrical shock before? This little shock you get is referred to as static electricity and we often carry this static electricity around and pass shocks to others without knowing. Static electricity can cause objects to stick to your clothing, or make your hair stick up and can be frustrating sometimes.

What Causes Static Electricity?

All materials are made up of molecules, that are also made up of tiny atoms comprising of positively charged protons, negatively charged electrons, and the neutral neutrons. When an individual or object has uneven numbers of protons and electrons, the electrons will move from one object or person to another to create a balance. Static electricity will build up when electrons bounce back and forth between two humans or objects carrying opposing electrical charges. If for instance, you walk over a carpeted floor, your body will collect many electrons along the way, and a shock will occur when you shake hands with someone who is more positively charged.

How Can You Get Rid of Static Electricity?

If you carry lots of static electricity everywhere you go, perhaps you should consider taking some steps. Try to use some dryer sheets especially when you dry your clothes. Dryer sheets are known to coat your clothes alongside your linen with some conductive surfaces that will simply stop the build-up of negatively charged electrons. You may also want to carry some dryer sheets in your bag and rub them against your clothes occasionally especially on the dry days. Alternatively, you can take a spray bottle with you because a thin coat of water molecules can help electrons move about freely thus reducing or eliminating static electricity on your body.

Other Steps to Take to Get Rid of Static Electricity

Stay moisturized all day because your dry skin may be the reason why you carry static electricity around. You may want to apply a moisturizing cream after every shower to prevent electrons from accumulating on the surface of your dry skin. Alternatively, you may want to carry a small metal key or safety pin in your pocket when you move around. The reason being that electron charges are automatically transferred to any metal object from other parts of your body. You can rub a metal hanger on your clothing occasionally to prevent static electricity buildup.

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