How to Lower Your Electric Bills in 2019

How to Lower Your Electric Bills in 2019

Does one of your New Year's Resolutions involve saving more cash in 2019? Lowering your monthly utility bills is one of the quickest ways to keep more money in your pockets long term. At Mr. Electric of Atlanta, we enjoy helping our clients find ways to maximize the efficiency of their electrical system. Here are some of the best methods for reducing your energy consumption, so you and your family can reach your financial goals fast.

Schedule an Energy Audit and Electrical Inspection

The first step is to schedule your annual electrical inspection and energy audit. The combination of both maintenance services will ensure that any underlying problems are taken care of, so your circuits, wiring and other electrical components are working their best. Energy audits will make you aware of possible improvements that can lower your energy usage, so you aren't left guessing which investments will be most worthwhile.

Fill Your Fridge

Keeping your refrigerator and freezer full will make it easier to control and maintain the right temperatures. The food itself works as insulation, so your Frigidaire doesn't have to work as hard to keep your meals fresh and healthy.

Install a Smart Thermostat

HVAC systems are usually one of the largest energy drains in any home. Smart thermostats put the control back in your hands, by providing access to live monitoring and controls via smart phone app. Turn your heater off during the week day, when you're at the office, and turn it back on an hour before your teen gets home from school.

Use a Smart Home Energy Monitor

Smart home energy monitors also provide the same kind of advanced technologies, by allowing you to closely monitor and analyze how your energy is being used throughout your whole house. Find out exactly how much power your refrigerator, dishwasher, oven and other major appliances need. Discover which lights in the home are left on most frequently? Then use your monitor's software program to keep track of which adjustments are having the most significant impact.

Switch to LED Lights

If you're still using old fashioned incandescent light bulbs, it's time to make the switch to LEDs. When they were first introduced in the marketplace, the cost was prohibitive for many families to replace bulbs for their entire household. However, today's LED lights are far more advanced, efficient and affordable than ever before.

Lower Your Water Heater Temperature Settings

Many homeowners keep their water heater temperature set at 140 degrees. However, it's recommended that people reduce their settings to 120 degrees to prevent scalding, reduce mineral building and corrosion. Best of all, this fast and easy task is free to implement and can provide big savings, as much as $400 over the next few years.

Upgrade Your Old Appliances

If some of your appliances are nearing the end of their effectiveness, it might be time to replace a few of them with energy star models. Not only will your new equipment have more convenient features, it will reduce the need for expensive repairs and help you lower your monthly electric bills. Here are a few of the most energy hungry appliances that can save you the most money by making the switch to energy efficient varieties:

  • Washer and Dryer
  • Refrigerator
  • Dishwasher
  • Water Heater

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