How to Power Your Outdoor Lights

How to Power Your Outdoor Lights

Are you looking for ways to make your backyard entertainment area safer and more festive at the same time? Lighting provides a great way to set the tone of your event while also making sure that your guests can see well through the nighttime celebrations. While choosing the lighting style can be a complicated process, it's also essential to consider how you will power your new lighting system. With so many options to choose from, making a final decision can be more challenging than one would expect. The professionals at Mr. Electric of Atlanta enjoy helping local property owners improve the safety and efficiency of their electrical systems. Our qualified electricians provide a wide selection of premium services, including outdoor lighting installation, repair, and replacement. If you're trying to plan your outdoor lighting system design, start with a plan for powering your new investments. Read below for a list of options, so you can find inspiration for your upcoming home improvement project.

Outdoor Outlets

One of the fastest and easiest ways to get power to your outdoor lights is to use outlets. If you are using a traditional lamp, a standing heater, or stringed porch lights with a plug, then this is a great option. Make sure that you are using lights that are designed for outdoor use, and avoid overloading your outdoor outlets. A professional electrician can always install additional outlets if you need them so you can avoid wiring issues and safety hazards.

Solar Lighting

Solar lights can work really well in certain areas of the yard. Many homeowners will use stand-alone solar-powered lights that have panels on the light itself. This method will require that the lights are properly placed where they will get optimal sunshine. If you want lights placed underneath a gazebo, on a covered porch, or in an area with a lot of shade from trees, then you might need to consider other options. One way to work around this issue is to use a high-quality solar panel system located in a sunny area that is then connected to all of your outdoor lights. An electrician can help you install and integrate this kind of solar-powered lighting system if desired.

Hardwire Systems

A hardwired lighting system will have a dedicated circuit that provides consistent power to all your devices. While it may take more of an initial investment to set up the new system, the convenience of having a well-integrated hardwired outdoor lighting system is well worth the investment. Using this kind of system will allow ultimate customization and flexibility. For this reason, hardwired systems are perfect for owners that are concerned with security and/or showcasing their landscape designs.

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