Quick Guide for Upgrading Outlets

Quick Guide for Upgrading Outlets

Are you looking for creative ways to upgrade your home? Then consider replacing your old conventional outlets. Today's marketplace offers high tech outlets with advanced safety features and convenient benefits. At Mr. Electric of Atlanta, we enjoy helping local property owners improve the safety and effectiveness of their electrical systems. New outlets provide an excellent way to improve the value and comfort of your living space, without undertaking a large renovation project. Here are some of the most popular outlet upgrades, and what they can do for you and your loved ones.


GFCI, or Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters, are outlets that are designed to protect your family from a variety of common electrical hazards. They are most often used in areas where excessive moisture is present, such as a bathroom, kitchen, laundry room and basement. They work by immediately shutting down power to a circuit when an interruption in the electrical flow has occurred. Most modern homes already have GFCI outlets installed, but if you live in an older property, you may need to upgrade.


Arc-Fault Circuit Interrupters, also known as AFCI outlets are also designed to stop the flow of electricity in an emergency. AFCI's are specifically used to keep an outlet from overheating, which can damage the outlet and devices that may be plugged into it at the time. This upgrade will help protect your wiring, outlets, appliances and electrical devices from unnecessary risk.


USB outlets are becoming very popular for modern households. They offer additional space to plug your phones, tablets and other devices directly into the outlet, thereby eliminating the need for bulky plugs. It also frees up your outlets for other electronics. You'll enjoy a mess free and convenient way to keep your favorite gadgets fully charged and ready to go.

Night Lights

In the past, night lights usually took up all the useable space on a wall outlet. Now, you can still have room to plug in your important electronics without being left in the dark. LED night light outlets provide subtle lighting that's perfect for children's rooms or hallways.

Tamper Resistant

Traditional outlets can cause significant harm to young children who may attempt to put items inside the receptacle. Tamper resistant outlets provide protection against this common danger, so parents can feel more confident about the safety of their curious toddlers.


Recessed outlets are set deeper into the wall, so that plugs remain flush with the wall, rather than extended out. These upgrades reduce risks associated with tripping over cords that are low to the ground. They can also come in handy for hiding cables or installing a wall mounted tv.

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