Safety Tips for Your Home 

Safety Tips for Your Home 

No doubt, technological advancement has made life easier in no small ways. We can now achieve seemingly impossible things just by the click of the button and projects that would usually take up a large chunk of our valuable time gets done without much effort. Appliances use lesser energy and we can harness the potentials in solar and other energy sources.

However, technological advancement comes with its downsides to safety and electricity is no exception. If handled carelessly, electricity can cause devastating damages to both the appliance and the individual. Therefore, we must take proper care when dealing with electricity.

To help equip our readers on the need for safety while dealing with electrical gadgets and installations, Mr. Electric of Atlanta has listed below some safety tips to follow to prevent electrical hazards that may arise from the improper handling and use of electricity.

Repair or replace damaged power cords

When you notice that the power cord to your electrical appliance is faulty. It's time to have it repaired or completely replaced. Some homeowners opt to use the bare wires after cutting off the plugs from the cord; a practice that is risky and could lead to worse conditions.

The smart choice is to replace the damaged cable as soon as possible. Contact a reliable electrician like Mr. Electric of Atlanta if the damage is more than you can handle.

Keep electrical appliances away from water

You should try as much as possible to avoid water coming in contact with electric lamps and other appliances.

Water and electricity are both essential and needed for a more comfortable life. However, these two utilities do not go together. Keep electrical appliances away from the water sources. This tip alone can save lives and unexpected expenses.

Do not handle electrical appliances with wet hands

As we mentioned above, electricity and water are not good friends. It's always better to wait until your hands have dried before attempting to handle electrical issues, especially repairs.

Keep electrical appliances away from children

The inquisitive nature of children makes them want to know about everything. Therefore, don't leave electrical appliances hanging around places within their reach.

When appliances are not in use, they should be stored in safe places away from the kids each.

Always turn off light switches before replacing bulbs

A lot of homeowners make this mistake. They attempt to replace damaged and faulty bulbs without first turning off the switch. It's a dangerous thing to do and could lead to severe complications. It's always better to turn off the switch to ensure no current is flowing before replacing damages bulbs.

Ensure adequate ventilation with appliances that generate heat

You should endeavor to provide proper ventilation to electrical appliances that produce a lot of heat. Some devices, like electric iron, heaters, boilers etc., create a lot of heat because of the working mechanism.

Such home appliances will need adequate ventilation because you wouldn't like to see your appliance explode due to excessive heating.

Always be cautious when moving electrical appliances

If you need to run a device from one power source to another, do so gently. Ripping off the cable while it's still connected will damage the cable. Always remember to unplug from the power source before moving the appliance.

Mr. Electric of Atlanta has the expertise to handle all of your electrical needs ranging from installation to repairs. Your satisfaction is guaranteed, call to give us a try.

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