Signs of Poor Electrical Wiring in a House

Signs of Poor Electrical Wiring in a House

Are you concerned that your home's electrical wiring could be dangerously damaged? If you live in an older house that hasn't been upgraded recently, then there could be several electrical issues hidden in areas that are out of sight. Electricians can inspect your property for signs of trouble and determine whether a whole house electrical wiring upgrade is needed. At Mr. Electric of Atlanta, our professionals offer premium commercial and residential services, including whole house electrical wiring services. It isn't always easy for homeowners to know whether it's time to call in the electricians for help. If you're unsure about the condition of your wiring, here is a list of the most common signs that you need new electrical wiring.

Smoky Odors

Burn smells can be a clear indicator of electrical problems. If the odor of melting plastic is wafting through the air, then take action right away. While a single minor incident may not lead to a house fire, the risk of such a problem arising in the future is high if a repair isn't performed.

Flickering Light Bulbs

Do your lights flicker every time someone flips the switch? If your lamps, chandeliers, and ceiling lights always seem to dim or make buzzing sounds, then this should be cause for concern. This is particularly true if you notice that the flickering occurs when you've used an appliance or plugged in a device. Get help from a qualified electrician right away.

Frequent Circuit Breaker Trips

Does it seem like you're running to the basement or utility closet on a weekly basis? If your breaker keeps tripping every time you dry your hair or use the toaster, then your electrical system needs to be inspected asap. While circuits can always be susceptible to the occasional problem, recurring issues indicate trouble with your wiring. Call our team to get the help you need fast.

Warm Outlets

When you touch the wall near an outlet, does it feel warm? Your electrical system should stay cool. If heat is being produced, then it's probably due to a broken or exposed wire. Hot electrical outlets are a red flag. The heat being generated by your damaged wires could easily spark a fire. If you see that the warm outlet has scorch marks on the wall near the plugs, then get an emergency repair so you can avoid a house fire.

Do You Need Whole House Electrical Wiring Services? Call Our Electricians

Have you observed one or more of the above issues? Then there is a good chance that you are past due for an upgrade. Neglecting a failing electrical system can have disastrous consequences, so it's important that you get help as soon as possible. Doing so will ensure that your home is safe, energy-efficient, and code compliant. If you need an electrical wiring service or inspection, call the professionals at Mr. Electric of Atlanta, GA, today and learn more about our offerings or schedule a convenient appointment.

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