What is Whole House Surge Protector?

What is Whole House Surge Protector?

Because of the complexities in today's electronics, there is a lot more to be protected in our homes and business locations. That is why the National Fire Protection Association and the Institute for Business and Home Safety recommends that homeowners should take the safety of their appliances to the next level by installing whole house surge protectors.

However, some people are still confused about the concept of the whole house surge protector - some think it's a super-sized power strip while others take it to be too expensive for an average homeowner to install.

Interestingly, in this article, we have provided a simplified definition of the device and its numerous benefits for you to know why, where and when it is right to install the whole house surge protection.

What is Whole House Surge Protector?

The Whole House Surge Protector is an electric device designed to protect all appliance in the home or commercial facility from voltage spikes and excess electric current. It is usually installed at the service box to protect your home from inconsistent voltages coming from utility services that could be detrimental to your sensitive appliances.

The benefits of installing the whole house surge protector

To protect sensitive electronics from electric spikes

These days we use sophisticated electronic devices in our homes that have microprocessors for enhanced efficiency. But these microprocessors are highly sensitive to surges and cannot function effectively without the right voltages.

Appliances with microprocessors in our homes include Smart devices, TV's, computers, LED light bulbs, washers, dryers, and refrigerators. Most of those aforementioned appliances are susceptible to power surges, and they need to be protected. For proper installation of your whole house surge protector, you need to call professionals from Mr. Electric of Atlanta.

Reduce glitches and computer lockups

With the installation of whole house surge protectors, you could secure your laptops and minimize unexpected glitches, freezing and quitting. Other issues like crash errors and unexpected lockups could be reduced to make your system work efficiently.

You will also secure other valuable appliances like mobile devices that have the tendency of backing up because of power surges.

It helps to minimize electromagnetic interference in our homes

Electromagnetic interference is internal distortions in the home that can damage microprocessors in sensitive devices as well as motors in air conditioning units and other appliances. Lightning isn't the biggest danger for our homes; electromagnetic interference occurs frequently and can be more hazardous. Therefore, there is a need for the installation of whole house power surge protectors to prevent inevitable spikes.

The surge protectors are not only a good investment for every homeowner out there; they can help you reduce the cost of getting new appliances as well as eliminate frustrations caused by damaged circuit boards.

Maximize the lifespan of your LED and fluorescent lamps

Mini surges can cut short the useful lifespan of home appliances and equally degrade their performance, but with the installation of protectors, you can enjoy the LED lamps all through its lifespan.

Since electronic interference is generated by everyday activities especially when appliances are connected in the same service line, whole house and mini protectors are highly necessary.

To protect your PCs, VCRs and other fragile electronic appliances from frequent damage, there's every need to install whole house surge protectors, therefore call professionals at Mr. Electric of Atlanta and it will be installed efficiently.

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