Why Should You Replace Your Outlets with GFCI Outlets?

Why Should You Replace Your Outlets with GFCI Outlets?

It is a fact that one of the most significant hazards in homes when it comes to the safety of the electrical system is the possibility of an electric shock. This could be accidental when electrical work is being done in your home or when we have exposed wiring that could shock someone in your outlets. Irrespective of the cause, an electrical shock is not expected to be taken lightly as it may not only be hazardous but life-threatening. However, installing a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) can help you limit this risk and ultimately minimize the possibility of shock or other electrical danger.

Installing or Replacing a GFCI Outlets in Atlanta

Maybe your outlets are holding plugs and snug if not, it might be right to say that you change them out. How about the appearance of your outlet, are they not too old or out-dated? The truth is, replacing an electrical outlet is not a difficult task with the right professional. And that is where Mr Electric of Atlanta comes in. Everywhere in Atlanta, a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) is required in different parts of homes and businesses. In simple terms, the GFCI measures the flow of current between the wires that are powering everything connected to the circuit and then cut the flow of electricity when there is presumed imbalance of current flow between wires to cut off the flow or reduced electrical injuries.

Reducing the Danger of Electrocution in Atlanta

We understand that electricity tries to find its way to the ground however possible. Sometimes the most convenient path is through the human body, and this is why when a live wire that carries current is touched, the current tends to run through you on its path downward causing a shock. This could be dangerous; in fact, it could lead to a severe burn, nervous system damage, heart arrhythmia, and of course death. This is why it is recommended to protect yourself as well as your family from shock in your homes as well as your business premises by installing a GFCI with the help of professional electricians like Mr Electric of Atlanta.

The GFCI works by continually monitoring, the current that runs through the circuit, so when the current level returning from the circuit drops below the level that is expected, an indication that the electricity is escaping to the ground, which could be through a human. Then GFCI will trip and cut off the power, keeping you and your family safe from the danger of electrocution.

Creating a safer environment with GFCI than using an Adapter

A properly installed GFCI receptacle saves lives. No wonder it is regarded as a life-saving device that is simple to install or replace. Meanwhile, an adapter, on the other hand, is unsafe to use to convert the power of three-prong plugs into two-prong ones because adapter bypasses the safety measures of the equipment ground. Despite the importance of the GFCI, it is always recommended that you seek the advice of a professional before installing a GFCI even when what you need is a replacement. This is because, installing a life-saving device could compromise its purpose and make the device dangerous to you, your family or business associates.

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