Avoid the Most Common Electrical Code Violations

Avoid the Most Common Electrical Code Violations

Do you live in an older, previously owned home and are concerned about the safety of your electrical system? Do you plan on selling or renting your property in the future, and are worried about existing code violations? There's no reason to continue putting yourself or your investments at risk. Get the help you need today. At Mr. Electric of Atlanta, we provide high quality residential and commercial electrical services for local clients including professional inspections, wiring upgrades, panel box replacements and electrical repairs. We enjoy helping our customers find ways to improve the safety and efficiency of their electrical systems, and we want you to achieve the same results from your home or commercial property. Here are some of the most common electrical code violations, and what you can do to fix them.

Outdated Recessed Lights

If your home has conventional recessed lights that aren't IC-rated, then there's a risk of overheating due to contact with attic insulation. For this reason, older canned lights require frequent repairs and replacements and may even cause a fire. Your recessed lights can be replaced with IC-rated units that are safe and more energy efficient.

Installing New Lights with Old Wiring

Some property owners attempt to replace their old lighting system themselves, and simply connect their modern light fixtures directly to outdated wiring. The problem with this approach is that wiring installed before the 1990s were only capable of withstanding temperatures around 60 degrees Celsius. In comparison, modern wiring can resist damage in temperatures up to 90 degree Celsius. This means that your old circuits can quickly become overloaded. A certified electrician in Atlanta can help provide a solution that best fits your unique needs and budget.

Knob and Tube Electrical System

Knob and tube electrical systems are rarely found in homes in the US. Though they were widely in use in late 19th and early 20th centuries, it is no longer safe nor sufficient for modern households. Properties that still use knob and tube wiring are likely to have extreme wire insulation damage, low amperage and wires that aren't grounded. Unfortunately, some people may be unaware that they have a knob and tube electrical system. If your property was built anytime before the 1950's and hasn't had an electrical upgrade, then call a local electrician right away.


When two or more electrical wires are connected, it is known as a splice. If done incorrectly, spliced wires can be extremely hazardous and are a severe code violation. While splicing may be necessary in some circumstances, a junction box should be used. In addition, such tasks should always be performed by a trained professional.

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