How Much Electricity Does a TV Use?

How Much Electricity Does a TV Use?

Few household electronics get more use than a TV. Whether you're watching the morning news before work, watching family friendly shows on the weekend, or playing video games to relax before bed, the television has been a staple in American homes since the mid 20th century. Unfortunately, today's high tech TV's can be draining on your electric bill. At Mr. Electric of Atlanta, GA, we enjoy helping our residential and commercial clients discover new ways to save energy and money. Have you wondered how much your household TVs are contributing to your monthly expenses? Read more to find out, and to learn what actions to take to reduce your costs.

How Energy Hungry Is Your TV?

While a basic TV will only consume around $40 or $50 a year, modern high definition models can raise costs by nearly 50%. And, as companies continue to add features like touch screen capabilities and smart technology, the energy consumption levels are likely to keep climbing. Keep in mind, that this cost is for each television. Large families often have a TV in almost every room of their home. That means for an average family of five, watching your favorite shows could be costing you hundreds of dollars a year.

Why It's Smart to Invest in an Energy Star TV

The first step is to be smart about your purchases. There are many high quality flat screen TVs that are Energy Star rated, which use about 30% less energy than comparable units. When shopping around, be sure to pay attention to the number of stars. Each Energy Star rated appliance will have 2 to 6 stars. Each star represents an average of 20% energy savings.

More Ways to Reduce Your Televisions Energy Consumption

Another great way to keep your expenses at bay is to avoid leaving the televisions on when not in use. This may seem like a simple solution; however many people will sit down to watch a show or movie but get interrupted by a phone call or a family member. At times like this the TV could be left on for hours before anyone notices. Also, some people will watch shows from their bed at night, and fall asleep while it's still playing. If your TV has an automatic turn off option, be sure to set it for the shortest period of time possible. You can also save energy by lowering the brightness control and turning off the Quick Start booting option on smart TVs. Also, if you have your TV connected to video game consoles, computers or other devices, you might consider installing a smart plug or circuit so you can properly monitor your energy usage and control your devices with a swipe of a screen, even when you're away from home.

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