How to Pet Proof Your Home’s Electricity

How to Pet Proof Your Home’s Electricity

When you first bring your new kitten or puppy home, it's hard to think about how to properly prepare your home. There are so many new responsibilities for new pet owners to take on, that their electrical safety can sometimes take a back burner. Unfortunately, there are many dogs, cats, rabbits and other animals that suffer from accidental injury or death from electrical cords. Electricians At Mr. Electric, we help residents in Atlanta, Stone Mountain, Dunwoody, Sandy Springs and other surrounding neighborhoods keep their furry friends safe from electrocution, and we want to do the same for you. Here are a few tips and tricks that can help protect Fido and Fluffy away from dangerous plugs, cords and outlets.

Block Outlets

Use outlet covers to keep animals from biting or playing with plugs, which could electrocute them. These devices are often sold for baby proofing, but they work great for pets too. Be sure to choose the box variety that allows you to have items plugged into them while remaining protected. When possible, block access to outlets with large pieces of furniture.

Conceal Permanent Cords

Wire channel is an affordable and easy solution to protect cords that are permanently in use, such as outlet strips and areas with a heavy number of appliances or electronics. Because these items are always plugged in, using a channel will help to neatly tuck them away without hassle. Not only will it help keep your pets safe from electrocution, but wire channels can also help your home stay tidy and organized.

Wrap All Exposed Electrical Cords

For items that are used less frequently or that aren't convenient to place inside the wire channel, cover it with a pet cord cover or wrap. These products often contain a bitter, citrus taste that will deter pets from chewing the cords. For persistant animals that have sharp teeth, mesh metal covers are available on the market that will make it more difficult for them to chew. These covers can be coated in a bitter spray that will provide the same result as the plastic covers. Be careful to spray any cord covers before they are placed on the cords to avoid injury.

Make a Home Charging Station

Create a home charging station in an elevated area of your home where your devices and cords can be hidden away and safe from pets. You may consider an enclosed charging box or cordless charger if you have cats or animals that enjoy climbing on furniture.

Use a ScatMat or Training Device to Keep Pets Out of Accident Prone Areas

Inveset in a set of ScatMats or similar training devices to train your pets to stay away from places with electrical dangers. These kinds of products will send out a pulse of static charges that will teach your dogs and cats to stay off the kitchen counter or keep out of the home office.

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