Safe Generator Operation

Safe Generator Operation

Natural disasters can strike at any time and there is a need to have a backup power generator to sustain the production of power. It is important to stick to all operational procedures when operating your power generator. If there is an electrical fault that requires repairs or replacement or faulty installation, please contact us at Mr. Electric of Atlanta. You need to equally pay attention to the following safety regulations as regards your generator;

Avoid the Dangers of Operating a Generator

Don't overlook the basic safety rules, especially when you are trying to handle the effects of a natural disaster such as hurricanes and storms. Operating your generator without following safety rules can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning and some other accidents that can cause death in a few minutes. More than 50 people are reported to die from inhaling carbon monoxide from generators, yearly, hence you need to adhere to safety rules.

What are the Essential Safety Precautions You Must Adhere to When Using a Backup Generator?

When operating your generator, make sure you choose an amperage higher than what you need. You may check the online wattage calculators to calculate how much you need. Read the instructions properly to avoid the overloading of the generator. Make sure appliances are plugged directly into the generator instead of using heavy-duty outdoor extension wires and cords. Stagger the appliance operation to prevent overloads.

Store generator fuels outside of living space and in appropriate containers. Make sure the generator cools down before refueling, to avoid fire outbreaks. Install carbon monoxide detectors in your home for safety reasons. You may want to contact us to help you install these detectors.

What You Must Avoid When Operating a Generator

Do not use a generator in an enclosed or partially enclosed space. Make sure the generator is installed and operated at least 15 feet away from doors and windows. You must never run your generator without a transfer switch. When you plug your generator into an outlet without a switch, it can trigger a back-feed in electrical current, and this could be very deadly for your home, and neighbors.

It is also important that you must never refuel your generator when the appliance is hot. Spilling fuel on a hot generator surface can trigger a fire accident. It is also important that you must never operate your generator in wet conditions. Do not operate the appliance inside standing water, and make sure you check manufacturer recommendations for places you can operate the appliance.

Connect with Us for Backup Generator Installation, Repairs and Maintenance Care

Do you have an old backup generator that requires emergency care? Please contact us now and we will be there to help you. We can help you choose a cost-saving, energy-saving backup generator that will serve your household needs. We will schedule a maintenance care service for your appliance to ensure that you don't run out of power suddenly. If you notice any issue with your generator, please give us a call at Mr. Electric of Atlanta and we will be there to assist you.

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