Save Cash This Summer with a Home Energy Audit

Save Cash This Summer with a Home Energy Audit

During the summertime, energy costs can soar as families try to stay cool. Unfortunately, those unexpected expenses can quickly deplete finances, leaving less money for Fourth of July celebrations, trips to the water park or family vacations. Thankfully, the experts at Mr. Electric of Atlanta have a solution for local homeowners. A home energy audit can pinpoint the sources of your rising utility bills, providing an opportunity to make the appropriate adjustments. In doing so, you'll not only keep your summer season costs in check, but you'll enjoy the savings all year long.

What is an Energy Audit?

During an energy audit, a trained and experienced professional will inspect your home for signs of energy loss. Structural issues such as lack of insulation and poorly sealed doors and windows may be discovered. Outdated or damaged electrical appliances may be tested and observed for efficiency, and your HVAC system, lighting options and other factors will be checked.

How Can Energy Audits Help Homeowners Save Money?

At the end of your energy audit, you will be left with a detailed report of your household's energy usage. You'll have an in depth understanding of which tools, equipment, appliances and devices are draining the most power. This can assist homeowners in making educated decisions about what kind of home improvement projects will reduce their electricity consumption the most. For example, an unaware homeowner might unnecessarily replace a refrigerator and dishwasher that are already energy efficient, when extra caulk around the window frames would have been a more effective and affordable solution. Understanding why your bills are on the rise will allow you to make more beneficial choices that fit your family's unique needs, lifestyle and budget.

Other Ways to Reduce Your Energy Consumption

In addition to an energy audit, property owners can take extra steps toward improving their overall utility costs. Installing an energy monitoring device can help families stay continuously aware of their energy consumption, even when they're away from home. In addition, innovative devices like smart thermostats, LED lighting systems, ceiling fans and outlets can help your household reduce expenses by keeping energy draining devices off when not in use. Getting an energy audit from a certified electrician can help you decide which investments will give you the most return long term.

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