What to Do If There’s an Electrical Fire in Your Home

What to Do If There’s an Electrical Fire in Your Home

Experiencing an electrical fire can be extremely frightening, especially if it occurs at home unexpectedly, putting your children and family at risk. While some cases do end tragically, if the fire is caught early, there is a good chance you can put an end to the fire before it spreads through the rest of your home. Unfortunately, many homeowners panic when they see flames coming from an outlet or appliance, and aren't sure how to properly handle the situation. At Mr. Electric of Atlanta, we work hard to help our residential and commercial clients have safe and effective electricity. We want you to stay safe as well. Here are some tips for what you can do if you're faced with an electrical fire on your property.

Use a Fire Extinguisher Not Water

If the fire is small, you can attempt to put the flames out using a fire extinguisher. It's very important to avoid using water in an electrical fire. Doing so could put you and your loved ones at risk for electrocution. It's very important to have a working fire extinguisher in areas of the home where there are multiple appliances, such as a kitchen, laundry room or workshop.

Call the Fire Department if Necessary

If you can't safely extinguish the fire, or if the flames have already spread, call 911 immediately. Get yourself and anyone else in the household out of the home right away to ensure safety. Be sure to alert the firemen and other emergency personnel that you think the fire was electrical so they can take the appropriate precautions. Don't enter the property again until the fire department has told you it's safe to do so.

Take Preventative Measure to Avoid Future Problems

While the authorities can defend you and your family against the fire itself, they probably won't be able to tell you precisely what caused the flames to ignite in the first place. It's vital that you call a certified electrician who can conduct a thorough electrical inspection to pinpoint the precise source of trouble. It could be a wiring issue, an overburdened outlet or a damaged appliance, and a licensed electrician will not only be able to diagnose the issue, but will have the training and tools to properly repair the problem.

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