Why Is My Dimmer Switch Warm to the Touch?

Why Is My Dimmer Switch Warm to the Touch?

Has your dimmer switch been burning hot after use? Then you may be concerned about the condition of your switch or wiring. At Mr. Electric of Atlanta, we offer premium residential and commercial electrical services for property owners in the Atlanta, Georgia area. From routine electrical inspections to 24 hour emergency repairs, our professionals are always ready to help you avoid electrical dangers. Are you wondering why your dimmer switch is warm to the touch? Here are some suggestions for determining whether you need to invest in a professional repair or replacement.

How to Know When Your Dimmer Switch is Dangerously Hot

It can be difficult for property owners to determine whether the heat coming from their dimmer switch is normal or not. There are two signs that you can look out for to decide whether there is cause for concern. The first is an overloaded dimmer switch. Dimmer switches are normally capable of handling up to 1500 watts of electricity at any given time. This means if you are using 100 watt bulbs, and have more than 15 controlled by one dimmer, then you have overdone it and need to make changes to your lighting system. The second possible cause is having a dimmer that exceeds the recommended temperature range. Underwriters Laboratories (also known as UL) state that dimmer switches should be operating below 195 degrees Fahrenheit. If your switch has exceeded this temperature, then you may be in trouble.

Finding out the Maximum Load for Your Dimmer Switch

If you want to find out what the maximum load is for your switch, then you will need to consider the following:

  • Which light fixtures are being controlled by the overheated dimmer switch?
  • What is the light fixture's wattage rating when considering all the bulbs being used?

When you have answered these two questions, you will need to compare the total number of watts to the dimmer wattage rating. If it is too high, then this is probably the cause and you will need to make some adjustments.

Why Is It Important to Hire a Qualified Electrician for Your Dimmer Switch Issues?

If you checked the wattage, and everything seems fine mathematically, then the hot dimmer switch could be caused by underlying issues with your electrical system. If this is the case, then it is important that you call a certified electrician who can properly inspect, diagnose and repair the problem. Attempting to do a complex electrical repair yourself could result in personal injury, fire hazards and further complications down the road. When you hire a qualified electrician for the task, you can rest assured that your investments are in capable hands every step of the way.

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