Ceiling Fan Installation in Morrow, GA

Ceiling Fan Installation in Morrow

Ceiling Fan Installation in Morrow

Residents in Morrow, GA looking to upgrade their home with a ceiling fan installation can do so with a quick call to Mr. Electric of Atlanta. We are your local source for ceiling fan installation in Morrow as well as ceiling fan replacement and ceiling fan repair services.

We can also handle an exhaust fan replacement or installation. Call Mr. Electric of Atlanta now to get in touch with a live representative and let us know what you need. We are happy to schedule a flexible appointment for a date that suits you. Our certified electricians may even be able to dispatch for a quick repair as soon as within the hour.

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Ceiling Fan Replacement & Exhaust Fans

Ceiling Fan Replacement & Exhaust Fans

Ceiling fans do their part in keeping rooms cool by circulating air flow, but they do not offer ventilation. For rooms that can get smelly, for good or for worse, you need fresh air. An exhaust fan is especially useful in bathrooms, kitchens, and humid areas such as basements.

There is a good chance that your building came with an exhaust fan installed in one or all of these places, but that exhaust fan is not going to last forever. When the exhaust fan starts making awful noises or doesn't work at all, then it might be time for an exhaust fan replacement. You guessed it: Mr. Electric of Atlanta can help with that as well.

Reasons to Call Mr. Electric

Cool Down and Save Energy

A ceiling fan is a great way to cool down and save some money on energy bills. Though fans do not necessarily cool down rooms, they do wick off sweat and send a breeze. This simple task is estimated to make rooms feel a few degrees cooler, meaning you can set your thermostat to 75 or 77 degrees and enjoy 70 to 73 degrees. That might not seem like much, but it can mean hundreds of dollars in saved electricity. We do want to emphasize that a ceiling fan installation is not a replacement for an air conditioner and is only beneficial when you are in the room where the fan is running. Still, the energy savings are crucial.

Have A Damaged Ceiling Fan?

Many times, the issue is an electrical one and easy to repair, especially when you choose Mr. Electric of Atlanta. Give us a call and let our representative know about your issue. We can have you consult with an electrician to try and determine whether it is something to repair or whether it is time for a ceiling fan replacement. In any case, the electricians at Mr. Electric of Atlanta are ready to help.

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