Electrical Panel Replacement in Fayetteville

Electrical Panel Replacement in Fayetteville

Any homeowner or business owner in Fayetteville looking for a reliable electrical panel installation, electrical panel repair, or electrical panel replacement can call Mr. Electric. We are your local electricians with upfront, flat rate pricing and free in-home price estimates. Call Mr. Electric now to speak with one of our live representatives and schedule your flexible appointment. We can even arrange an urgent dispatch. Explore our website for discounts and coupons and don't forget to ask about our ongoing promotional offers.

What Is an Electrical Panel?

Electricity is a basic necessity of modern life but is also extremely dangerous and must be handled with care. As a safety precaution, electricity is divided into separate circuits and electrical panels help you control each circuit. An electrical panel consists of many circuit breakers that "trip" when there is an overload, preventing overheating and potential fires. Meanwhile, the other circuits continue working as usual.
An electrical panel installation is not the end of the journey, though. As you install larger appliances and your circuits are loaded with more and more electrical devices, an electrical panel replacement is necessary to keep up with the demand. In fact, if your circuit breaker installation is less than 100 amps, then we strongly recommend you schedule your electrical panel replacement in Fayetteville as soon as possible. Overburdening small electrical panels may cause damage that will require an electrical panel repair.

When Should I Get A Repair or Replacement?

As mentioned earlier, if you have recently installed some new appliances that use lots of electricity, then you should consider speaking with an expert at Mr. Electric about a Fayetteville electrical panel replacement. More specifically, these are some signs that show you need an electrical panel repair, or a replacement:

  • Circuit breakers which trip often
  • You have a fuse box rather than an electrical panel
  • Burned areas on or around the breaker panel
  • Hissing sounds coming from the electrical panel
  • Lights flickering when certain appliances or electronic devices are plugged in or turned on

Circuit Breaker Installers in Fayetteville, GA

What About My Fuse Box?

Before circuit breakers, homes were built with fuse boxes. Fuse boxes do the same job as circuit breakers but while circuit breakers "trip" off, fuses blow out. Therefore, fuse boxes end up being more costly in the long run as you buy new fuses each time one blows out. Further, insurance companies tend to charge higher premiums if your home has a fuse box as opposed to a circuit breaker installation. Ready for your fuse box upgrade? Call the professionals at Mr. Electric to speak to an expert and get started.

I Need an Electrical Panel Replacement Near Me

If you are looking for electrical panel installers in Fayetteville, then call Mr. Electric. Why spend time searching the web for "electrical panel replacement near me" when you can call the experts directly? We are available to take your call regardless of the time of the day or the day of the week. Call Mr. Electric now to speak with a live representative.

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