Energy Saving Through Smart Home Systems

Energy Saving Through Smart Home Systems

There is an increasing perception about the usage of smart technology to save cost and energy in our homes. Hence more homeowners crave to understand how they can make lifestyle changes to save electricity.

Smart home systems give you the opportunity of monitoring your electricity consumption; they come with simple designs and ease-of-use; they help to identify consumer behavior, improve operational efficiency and enhance demand response.

If the technicalities have turned you away from taking advantage of the numerous benefits smart technologies have got to offer, then Mr. Electric of Atlanta is here to simplify the process.

What is a smart home?

A smart-home is a home equipped with automation system for the control of connected devices like the lighting, heating, security and entertainment systems. It is designed to enable you to communicate with your home from any location in the world through the internet. You can remotely monitor or control the security of your home, the central heating system, ensure that a gas fire is roaring in the grate and that the curtains are drawn.

All your appliances and sensors can communicate with each other to keep you up to speed with what is happening in your home when having your summer vacation in the Bahamas.

Why should I make my home smart?

It is a fact that our use of energy and other activities have giving rise to the highest greenhouse gas emissions in history. Therefore, by making your home smart, you'll be contributing to reducing the effects of climate change, which include floods, droughts and interruption to food production.

Additionally, you will enjoy the flexibility of monitoring your electric consumption and other expansive benefits of smart technologies in your home or office.

So lets' have a look at how you can make your home or office 'smart'.

Install smart thermostat

Most people consider smart thermostat as the most important devise in a smart home. This is because research has proven that the HVAC or conventional system takes a large junk of your total household energy usage.

But the smart thermostat when installed in your home, could determine activity and sleeping patterns in the house so as to turn on the heating, ventilation and cooling systems at the right time.

This is in addition to adjusting your temperature at nonpeak hours. If your home is not 100% smart, installing a smart thermostat will be a great way to start.

Use smart lighting systems

Smart lighting saves a significant amount of energy for the homeowner and the grid system. It helps you not to waste energy accidentally by shutting off lights when they are not in use. Additionally, using traditional incandescent or fluorescent is expensive when compared to LED bulbs.

Other benefits of the smart light are brightness, efficiency and longevity.

Cut down energy usage with smart appliances

Smart home appliances like the oven and refrigerators can drastically reduce your energy usage and help you save a lot of money. It is a fact that a smart refrigerator is an essential addition to your home, and every homeowner should consider getting it.

Lastly, you can consider installing smart security locks, and other automation systems to make your home more energy-efficient. Call Mr. Electric of Atlanta for expert recommendations.

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