How to Fix Loose Outlets

How to Fix Loose Outlets

Never neglect or procrastinate fixing the loose electrical outlets in your home or office location because it can severely impact the safety of your loved ones or colleagues.

The wires could get loose, and this could create dangerous arcing. So, when you notice that the plug isn't steady and not snug in a place, don't worry for it is a simple DIY project that could be done within few minutes.

However, if you don't have the technical know-how or you're a busy person, kindly call an electrician from Mr. Electric of Atlanta for electrical outlet replacement. We have the required equipment and competent electricians that will come around your location to fix the loose outlets and other electrical issues in no time.

The reasons outlets get loose

Age, excessive use and wearing of the contact points are some of the reasons your outlets get loose and eventually make plugs to fall out of the outlets. Bad wiring is another prominent cause of loose outlets because it will continue to spark until most of the components get burnt.

Therefore, if you notice that your outlet is loose, it is important you remove and replace it with a more fitted and improved one.

Tools and materials required for this DIY project

To conclude this project as fast as possible, we suggest you get the following tools.

  • Needle-nose plier
  • Non-contact voltage tester
  • 4-in-1 screwdriver
  • A wire stripper or cutter
  • A utility knife and
  • Some inches of 12 or 14 gauge electrical wire.

First Step

For safety, you need to switch off the circuit that supplies current to the loose outlet.

Step two

Use the Non-contact voltage tester to ensure power is no longer at the outlet. Then unscrew and remove the receptacle.

Check to see signs of melting, burning, or scorching. Then loosen the terminal screws and strip some wires.

Step three

If you don't have a replacement outlet, go to the nearby store to get one. Replace the old outlet with the new one and make sure it is tightened all the way.

Step four

Switch on the circuit and test the new outlet with plugs to ensure it is working correctly.

If there are still issues with the outlet - loose or no power to the outlet, call an expert from Mr. Electric of Atlanta to help you resolve all the problems with your outlet and home wiring.

It's time to improve the safety of your home!

Though fixing or replacing a loose outlet may be simple, it is not something that should be toyed with. If loose outlets are left unattended to, it could cause sparks that could lead to a fire in the worst-case scenario.

Therefore, you need to keep an eye out for these signs:

Sparks or frayed wires

If you notice frequent electric sparks or excessive heat on your outlets, then you need to follow the above process to tighten the outlet.

Old, broken or worn-out outlets

The outlets are designed to serve a specific number of years. If they are overused, old or broken, the outlet may burn or damage a valuable electrical appliance. So, homeowners are encouraged to replace the outlets whenever they are embarking on a home improvement project.

Apart from fixing loose outlets, it is good to have a professional electrician from Mr. Electric of Atlanta to evaluate and maintain your electrical wiring and other appliances. Call us today, and an expert will be sent to your location.

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