How Fast Does Electricity Travel?

How Fast Does Electricity Travel?

Electricity travels faster than you might have ever imagined. It travels as nearly as light, which is about 299 792 458 m/s. For better understanding, you can go around the earth eight times in one second if you are as fast as electricity!

But why should you care about the speed of electricity? The rate at which it travels influences and amplifies its effect when it comes in contact with you. The speed of electricity makes it hard to retract or pull yourself from an electric shock.

Therefore, it's crucial to realize that household electrical current, wires, and outlet poses a great hazard to humans. As soon as electricity come in contact with a body, it tightens up the muscles; even, touching someone who is being shocked can also draw you into the circuit.

Most of the time, electric shocks and electrocution happen because of poor wiring and poor handling of electric mains and appliances. When you notice a potential hazard in your home electrical system, promptly seek the help of a qualified electrician.

Mr. Electric of Atlanta offers efficient and reliable electric services in Atlanta and beyond. Though we're not as fast as electricity, we'll send over a professional as quickly as possible so you and your loved ones can be safe.

Below are some important household electricity safety precautions that you must know and follow.

Don't Overload Circuits

Overloading an electrical circuit could lead to fire and other electrical problems. Therefore, limit the number of appliances per outlet. To make sure you're operating on a safe level, ensure every outlet have protective faceplates, cool to the touch and working properly.

Replace Damaged Electrical Cords

Damaged cords can cause both fire and electrocution. First, ensure that insulation of the cords isn't damaged or peeled. Also, power cords should not be run under furniture, carpet, or rug.

Another best practice is to gently pull electrical cords away from the wall instead of yanking. Such a bad habit can frail the wires inside. Overall, regularly ensure your cords are in the best and safe working condition.

Keep Electrical Devices and Water Separate

One of the best practices is to keep electrical appliances away from water either while in use or not. Always distant your electrical equipment from sinks, showers, plant pots, and water prone outlets. This prevents against shock, injury, and electrocution as well as damage to such appliance.

Also, dry your hands before using electrical appliances or switching electrical components.

Adhere to Instructions

Every electrical appliance or device should come with a manual. It's easy to dump the manual without taking a look. Pay attention to these instructions as they let you know how to operate the appliance and be on the safe side.

Efficient and Dependable Electric Services

Most electrical problems give warnings; it's your responsibility to recognize them and take quick action. For example, slight electric shock, fraying and cracking of cords as well as electric sparks could indicate trouble. When you notice these or other potential hazards, do not hesitate to call a qualified electrician.

At Mr. Electric of Atlanta, we offer unparalleled electric services in Atlanta and surrounding areas. When you need replacement, repairs, or facing any electric problems, we are happy to come to your assistance. Contact us today for professional electrical services.

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